When Does Your Ignition Need to be Serviced?

Your vehicle’s ignition has a significant influence on your engine performance and daily driving experience. Although you should have routine service inspections performed on your ignition, there are warning signs that may let you know it needs to be serviced by a trained BMW service mechanic immediately.

Some common warning signs with your ignition includes engine stalling, a key that isn’t able to turn when placed in the keyhole, and flickering dashboard lights. In addition, the most common symptom is when your vehicle fails to start. Many people assume a car that won’t start is due to a dead battery, but the problem could be the ignition. Corrosion on the electrical system is a commonly seen with ignition issues, so routine maintenance allows a mechanic to remove any corrosion that may cause problems.

Keep your vehicle running smoothly with routine ignition inspections from Century BMW, serving Greenville, South Carolina.

Categories: Service
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