Check Out These BMW 6 Series Safety Features

What makes the new BMW 6 Series a popular full-size luxury car? If you are looking for safety features, you'll appreciate everything about the new BMW 6 Series.

The Frontal Collision Warning system is designed to help maintain a safe driving distance on the highway. If a slower moving vehicle has been detected ahead, the system can power down the brakes safely so there isn't a sudden stop or near collision. Once the buffer is maintained, the vehicle can resume the desired speed.

Another key safety feature in the new BMW 6 Series is the Lane Departure Warning system. The way this works, the system scans the road surface to ensure the BMW is staying within the lane lines. If any drifting were to occur, the steering wheel is sent a series of vibrations until the driver makes the appropriate change. Come to Century BMW and test drive a new BMW today!



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