How to Prevent Premature Gasket Failure

Gaskets may be small in size, but they have a large role under the hood of your car. They form a bond and keep certain components together while also preventing liquids and gases from escaping. It's important to make sure your gaskets are not on the verge or blowing. Stop by Century BMW in Greenville and ask about the gasket maintenance we provide.

Sometimes our gaskets break or blow, and there really wasn't anything we could have done to prevent it whereas other times a little caution would have been beneficial. Things that can help prevent damaging gaskets include:

  • Replacing engine coolant at recommended levels
  • Changing oil on regular recommended intervals
  • Maintaining correct torque on head bolts
  • Using only manufacturer-recommended coolant
  • Watching for early signs of failing gaskets

Replacing gaskets is very important, and our techs can have this covered for you. Stop in at our BMW service center and set something up with our shop.

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