Replace Your Flat Tire Safely

Despite how diligent we are about buying good tires and following good tire maintenance, sometimes we still find ourselves with a flat tire, whether it's from improper inflation or bumps on the road. At Century BMW, we offer various tire services including tire replacement.

Changing a flat tire, although an inconvenience, is not that difficult if you know the correct steps. Of utmost importance is to be as safe as possible while following these steps.

  • Pull car to side of the road away from traffic.
  • Put on emergency brake.
  • Remove tools, jack and spare tire from trunk
  • Loosen lug nuts
  • Jack up car
  • Remove lug nuts and flat tire
  • Put on new tire
  • Tighten lug nuts
  • Lower the car

Whether you want assistance replacing a flat or would like to purchase some new tires, we are here to help. Stop in at our Greenville, SC service center and check out what we have to offer.

Categories: Parts
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