Tired of Replacing Your Tires? Have Your Car's Alignment Checked

In the past year or so, you have had to replace one or more tires, costing you time and money. However, the tires themselves are probably not to blame. Instead, you should be looking at your wheels' alignment.

When your wheels are not properly aligned, one or more of your tires are unable to travel along the pavement evenly. Usually, the rubber along the sides have more contact with the pavement. Since the friction caused by the dragging of the tires is greater than that of the rest of the tire, the tread wears down more quickly, and the rubber becomes thinner, necessitating a tire change.

When your tires are wearing down in the same spots enough that you have to keep replacing them, your car's alignment is most likely to blame. Bring your car to Century BMW so our qualified mechanics can inspect your car and get it back into alignment.



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