Learn About BMW's Road Hazard Tire Coverage

Select models of tires purchased from the BMW tire center provide you with one full year of Road Hazard Tire Coverage. The coverage includes OEA, OEM or WIN tires bought and installed at your local BMW tire center. The applies to tires bought on or after February 1, 2018.

The term road hazard is defined as being tire damage that may occur secondary to a bruise, impact rupture or a puncture while driving on a normal local or state maintained road. Driving over glass, nails or potholes is examples when damage might occur.

Simply bring the damaged tire or tires to the BMW tire center along with the purchase invoice. A Century BMW technician will inspect and verify the damage. Eligible tires are replaced free of charge. Get peace of mind knowing that you are covered by purchasing your vehicle's tires directly from a BMW dealership.



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