White BMW X5 Luxury SUV

BMW auto maintenance may receive your attention periodically under normal circumstances, but it is easy to put auto care at the back of your mind, given the current circumstances. Because of the pandemic, you may be working longer hours as a first responder, taking care of your health or a sick relative, or doing your best to get by at home. Whether your car has been parked in the garage, or you drive it regularly, it requires regular attention to protect its condition and your safety on the road.

Drive Your BMW Every Week or Two

If you are stuck at home under a shelter-in-place order, you understandably should stay at home as much as possible. However, your vehicle must be driven for approximately 20 minutes every week or two. By doing so, you can prevent unnecessary damage to the hoses, belts, tires, and other components. You can also keep the battery charged and prevent the brakes from rusting.

Replace the Oil

If you continue to drive your BMW during the pandemic, it will need an oil change at the same intervals that it does in the best of times. Some service centers allow drivers to remain in their vehicles while the work is done. Another option is to change your BMW's oil yourself. Changing your BMW's oil easy to do on your own at home, and you can learn the ropes by watching a few online tutorials.

Inspect the Belts & Hoses

When the hoses and belts under your BMW's hood are not used frequently, they may dry out. As they become brittle, they can easily be damaged. On the other hand, if you use your BMW often, damage associated with wear can occur. Periodically open the hood to inspect belts and hoses. Replace worn or damaged components before they result in a severe breakdown.

The BMW team is available to support all of your automotive needs now and in the future. Whether you have a quick question about auto maintenance or you have more significant needs, contact your BMW dealership today for assistance.