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More Details About the BMW i8 Emerge

We love when there is a sneak peek from the BMW i8; there are so few details known as of now, that every little thing we can find out feels huge. For instance, a factory-released video has given us some sneak-peek photos of the i8. These photos have shown us that the BMW i8 Roadster has a targa-top convertible design, and redesigned front and rear lights.

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Driving in a City Has Never Been Easier

Driving in a city is just dreadful; it's plagued by traffic, pedestrians, and minimal parking. BMW has seen that drivers have a hard time with it, and have paired with a transportation analytics company to make it easier. INRIX will provide the BMW 5-Series sedan with real-time information to help you avoid traffic, and find available parking spots.

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2017 BMW X5 Provides Pure Luxury-SUV Splendor


Seeking a midsize luxury SUV for your next daily driver? Well, if so, we here at Century BMW would be quick to point you in the direction of ours, the 2017 X5.


Wondering why we would?


Then, check the clip below. Here now with more on all things X5 is AutoGuide.com Road Test Editor Dan Ilika:

While every X5 engine option has its appeal, we'd argue that none are more thoroughly impressive than the turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 of the top-tier xDrive50i trim.


Served up standard with an athletic, eight-speed automatic transmission and the xDrive all-wheel system, this…

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Getting Your M Series Ready for Summer

Spring Break is long gone, and we are speeding closer and closer to Summer. It’s time to start getting your M Series Convertible ready for it. Just like people hit the gym to regain their “Summer Bod,” so too much we bring out convertibles in to be serviced, and that’s why we have out Service Center ready to help!

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2017 BMW M4 Gives MotorWeek Pundits Pause


A luxury sports car that's both easy on the eyes and a joy to drive, the 2017 M4 is far and away one of our absolute favorites here at Century BMW.


And what about it do we like best?


The clip below should help spell things out. Join the vehicular gurus at MotorWeek for a closer look at the M4:

Offered as a coupe or a convertible, the M4 is available on one, exquisitely equipped trim level.


Standard features include 18-inch alloy wheels with summer tires, an adaptive sport-tuned suspension, adaptive xenon headlamps, a quad-tailpipe performance exhaust, exclusive exterior…

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How Often Should I Service My Tires?

When to change or service your tires depends on several things. The car you own, where and how often you drive, and how well you take care of your tires all matter. If you are a responsible driver, you can benefit from regular tire maintenance and care. Manufacturers make tires with ridges and grooves. The tread is responsible for helping increases a tire’s traction through wet conditions. Look for wear on the tire’s edge. Bubbles are also telltale signs that a tire is ready for replacement...

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Buying or Leasing a Car: Which is Better?

If you’re looking to buy a new car, there are two ways to make it happen; buying or leasing. To be clear, there are many advantages and disadvantages to both.

Advantages and disadvantages of ownership

The advantages of buying are:

• Ownership

• Flexibility

• Resale

The disadvantages are down payment, high monthly payments and interest payments.

Advantages and disadvantages of leasing

On the other hand, leasing a car provides...

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