BMW Ultimate Care Oil Services Maintenance Program

BMW Ultimate Care Oil Services Program

New "Oil Only" Maintenance Program - 3 Year Ultimate Care Oil Services for $225 MSRP! *

Discover the all-new 3 Year Ultimate Care Oil Services program for $225! This is a new addition to our existing Ultimate Care+ offerings to help you keep your BMW running like new!

BMW Ultimate Care Oil Services Details

Is your BMW older than 60 months, or does it have at least 60,000 miles? Then the Ultimate Care Oil Services program is right for you!

Just pay $225 MSRP one time, and you'll receive 3 years of oil service (oil and filter). This program is fully transferable, so coverage stays on the vehicle even if you sell it. Once the 3 years are up, you can purchase this package again as many times as you need throughout the life of your vehicle.

Is your BMW vehicle already currently covered under Ultimate Care+ 2, Ultimate Care+ 3, or Ultimate Care+ 4? That's alright. You can still enroll in BMW Ultimate Care Oil Services 6 months prior to the expiration of your current coverage. Your coverage will not overlap, and the oil only coverage will begin after your Ultimate Care+ coverage expires.

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Would you like to sign up for the BMW Ultimate Care Oil Services program? Contact our BMW service technicians, or visit our BMW service center to get started today!

* The BMW Ultimate Care Oil Services plan includes unlimited oil and oil filter changes for three years for $225.00 plus taxes and disposal fees where applicable. The need for included services are prompted by the vehicle's Condition Based Service (CBS) system. For non-CBS vehicles, annual low-mileage oil changes are included as outlined in your BMW Maintenance Booklet. Available for all BMW vehicles that have reached 60 months or 60,000 miles but have not yet exceeded 240 months / 20 years and have no current Ultimate Care+ coverage. Plan is also available for purchase for vehicles that have reached at least 54 months and are currently covered by the BMW Ultimate Care Scheduled or BMW Ultimate Care+2 coverage.